Superior in areas where other floor maintenance machines are too
heavy and difficult to use!

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The Primaster EdgePRO performs best in restricted areas, where other cleaning machines are too heavy and cumbersome.

The Primaster EdgePRO cleans with efficiency. Its unique rapid back and forth -movement (5400 rpm) does not need a heavy tool. The EdgePRO is easy to maneuver in restricted areas, and it retains effciency in open stairs, because the machine does not splash even if there is plenty of washing water on the floor.

Typical cleaning


The Primaster EdgePRO is the first cleaning machine, which also cleans corners (rectangle, size 110 x 225 mm).

The handle and shaft are mounted with “floating installation”, so the user can exactly adjust an ergonomic and comfortable working position in all kinds of stairs. The EdgePRO weighs only 8 kg, which makes the moving the machine from stair to stair easier and speeds up working time considerably.

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