Cleans your mops of dust and loost dirt with ease!

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The Primaster Mop Cleaner is a light and easy-to-use machine especially developed for the cleaning and maintenance area, and it is designed to clean mops conveniently.

The Primaster Mop Cleaner is suitable for all kinds of flat mops with different thicknesses. It is also suitable for different breadths of mops, and for treatment of moisture mops.

To avoid to health hazards from dust re-entering into the working area and penetrating into respiratory organs, the machine has an optional outlet to connect a vacuum cleaner. The Primaster Mop Cleaner brush removes the larger dirt together with extremely small particles, holding them within the dustbin and continuing from there to the vacuum cleaner.

Just put the Primaster Mop Cleaner on table or working desk and connect any standard vacuum celaner. In case a mop gets jammed between the brush and protector, the Primaster Mop Cleaner will stop automatically.

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